How does a video capture device work?


How does a video capture device work?

Video capture devices can re-encode AV analog signals and HDMI video signals from video cameras, VCRs, DVD players and other devices into digital video files. Then how does a video capture device work?

Generally, a video capture device consists of three parts: front-end signal receiving chip, main chip CPU and back-end chip.

The front-end chip receives video signals from video sources such as a DVD player. It negotiates with the video source device to use the video transmission format. High-quality video capture devices can support more video formats. For example, current video capture devices that support 4K input are very expensive. In fact, such chips are also applied in TV sets, you can simply think of it as a TV, if your video capture device has a black screen, maybe there’s something wrong with this chip.

The main CPU chip processes video signals from the front chip, such as converting analog signals to digital signals, scaling video, encoding video, etc. In general, the video signal is converted to RGB or YUV format, and depending on the CPU capability, the video can be scaled, edited, and compressed. High-end CPUs are fast and can support higher resolutions and frame rates. This chip determines the quality of video capture.

The back-end chip is mainly used to save and transmit video after capture. For PC-free video capture devices, it manages the disks, reads and writes files, and it determines which mobile disks you can use. For UVC devices, it is responsible for connecting USB ports, implementing the UVC protocol, and transmitting data.

Video capture devices complete the capture task through the front receiving, CPU coding, and back-end transmission cooperating closely. The above three chips are divided according to the logical structure. In fact, some professional manufacturers will realize the functions of the above three chips in one chip.

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